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Monday's Mug
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Hello again. Thanks for joining me for another Monday’s Mug. I have one of my favorite mugs I got from a local craft fair full of water. Today has been busy and this week will be as well. I am sitting outside again because I love being out here the summer. 

I would like to tell you about my week last week. I had struggled with a blog for a couple of weeks, and I had it written. I had even edited it already once, but for some reason, I didn’t like it. There are times when I feel like it just isn’t the right time to publish a blog. Like there is something inside of me that says not yet. Then a week or two later I get the post it now buttons pushed inside me. I don’t know where this comes from or why. I wonder if you ever get the same feeling about writing or something in your life?

I will continue with my mug of water tonight and tell you last week had its ups and downs for sure. I have been working on taking my reading up a notch and also my productivity in general. I have become a little planner crazy right now I am working out of two. I have a Happy Planner everything is in, and then I carry a bullet journal that has my daily two do lists. Now that I am managing three sites, it has been more intense. 

I did Story A Day again this year. I did write a lot more than I ever thought I would get done because May is a full month for me. It is a month full of social events, deadlines, and most of all, my joy for writing. I allowed myself to miss days this year. I have gotten much better about not beating myself up about not finishing a story every day and just moving forward. It helps to have Julie Duffy’s voice in my head. If you have not checked out her podcasts, they are, and her voice is so soothing to me. She does not know I am talking about her. Julie’s podcasts can be found at Itunes and also directly on the StoryADay website. 

I got to have a meeting with my online writing group tonight. It was great to talk to them, and even though I am quiet, I like listening to what they have to say about what they are reading, writing, and submitting. I have not reached the submission process yet because I am a little afraid, but I also know I need to revise a bunch of stories. Revision is probably my least favorite part of the processes. I am still looking for ways to make it more fun if you have suggestions leave them in the comments. I think it is just like doing laundry though because I enjoy wearing the clothes I just don’t want to have to wash them and put them up.

I have been embracing working on my short story pieces more these days. Short stories were my emphasis in college because it was fun to me. I wish I could find the stories I wrote in college. I am sure that would give me a good laugh and maybe inspire something else. There are times I am hard on myself for taking so many years off from writing, but I am also happy to be where I am now meeting the friends I have through this process. 

I hope you have a good evening and the rest of your week is full of little stories. 

Monday's Mug
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Hello! Thank you for spending some time with me. It is Monday’s Mug time where we talk about what happened over the past week. So grab your mug and settle in with me for a little talk.

This morning I’m having coffee, and after going two weeks without it, I want it again. Would you like some coffee?  I thought so. I’m sitting outside with you and will grab you a blanket too. It is cold this morning when it becomes Spring I love being outside. It makes it a little harder to get my writing done. This last week I was going to plant but out temperatures dropped so low I decided to wait till next week. 

My writing has been slower this last week. I had a couple of pretty lousy day Tuesday and Wednesday when it came to writing. I ended up getting nothing accomplished. So I was behind on my deadlines for last week. I always think I will have time to make them up over the weekend, but I again wasn’t able to carve out much time. 

My favorite time to write on the weekends has been Saturday mornings. I have also been pulling away from the keyboard as well which is very unlike me. There is nothing wrong with my computer, and it is usually my preferred way to write. For some reason, though I am enjoying not having to look at a screen for a while. It makes me miss the days when I was a kid and technology didn’t exist as it does now. 

I did write a little bit, but I am having to forgive myself for not being as productive as I usually am. I think May is just a hard month for me to write.  I supposed it is because it is that transition month when school is getting out soon, and summer is coming so quickly. 

 I have continued to do Story A Day and enjoyed the encouragement on that site. I have also made some real friends over there, and there is nothing more satisfying as of late than to have people in my life I can talk about writing with. 

Well, it is too cold to stay out here, so I am going to cut this short today. I hope you have a productive week. 

Monday's Mug
Copy of Monday's Mug.png

Hello! Thank you for joining me this Monday Mug. This weekend went by in a flash, and I am a night writer, so here we are. I have some Irish Breakfast tea with honey and sugar in my mug tonight. I still fighting to be able to talk because of allergies. I am not sure why it has been so bad this year. I guess the allergies are trying to take me out. 

Would you like some tea too? I have made fresh pot. Honey? Milk?

So we are outside tonight, but that is because I just cannot resist the Spring weather. You have to bear with me as I sneeze and cough a little today. I am actually much better than last Monday, but I still have a lot to get done tonight. 

I would like to talk about going to a conference this weekend for single moms. It was amazing and so encouraging. It is definitely something I needed. There were two main speakers and three breaks out sessions. While I didn’t really get any ideas about writing while I was there, I did on the ride to and from the conference. 

If you ever end up in a car with me be prepared for the confessions. I tend to talk about everything in the car. I felt terrible for my companion that was driving, but I just could not shut up. We would talk about something, and it would always remind of a story. Then I would tell the story, and we would move on to the next subject. It made me miss the days of actual storytelling instead of stories being written all the time. 

Have you ever listened to a story teller?

There were so many pieces of my past that I do wish I could tell in stories, but I am not ready yet. I need more distance and time from the subject before I will commit it to paper. So many things have happened in my life, I am not sure I will ever really be able to write about. The scars are just too deep, and it still hurts too bad. 

Would you like so more tea? I am getting a second cup. 

I thought I would have so much time to work on writing this weekend, but that isn’t what happened at all, so I was a little upset by that. I am learning to forgive myself though and move on. I still don’t have the habit of writing every day, but yet I do write something every day. So maybe working on things that deal with my writing counts for writing too. 

Tonight I am keeping it short because I have a meeting with the Super Stars writing group and I am excited. I can’t see what writing sparks might come up from things they say.

I love all the little things in life that give us so much to write about. 

The Importance of Writing Communities
Writing community .png

I would like to share my journey with writing communities over the last year. I have always loved the idea of community, but my real life practice of it has not always been what I was expecting. I find it hard to connect with others at times and enjoy my time alone. I have had the challenge of living in an area where there are not many writing groups. These circumstances led me to start looking into the online world of writing groups.

The first thing I found was NaNoWriMo which is writing a novel in November. It was a 50,000-word challenge that I thought sounded terrific, but without an actual steady writing practice in motion at the time, it proved to be complicated. 

This organization has a branch called Camp NaNoWriMo. Where the options for goals were more flexible, and the writing groups (cabins) were smaller. It was easier to find writers I had things in common with such as the genre of writing interest or I found writers who wanted to read what I was writing. 

This organization had functional groups, but I wanted more. I found Facebook groups were becoming the trend for those communities. Many of the NaNo communities had their own Facebook groups that I was added to but after a month or two after the challenge talking fades. I did have a good camp session where there was a lot of talking on the actual site, but I later found out they had been doing camp together for quite a few years. 

I wanted something more out of a group of writers. I knew I needed more time to get to know people. A community that would be devoted to writing and communication for more extended amounts of time. I was convinced at the time I wanted to write a novel, but upon further reflection of my college years, I remember how much I enjoyed short stories. 

I began googling about short shorties where to find them and who was writing them. I came across this site called Story A Day. It seems interesting there were a lot of prompts that I loved, and a challenge to write a story each day for May. They also had a private group called Super Stars. It was a chance for me to take to have community and to meet a challenge head-on for writing. 

So, I began trying my best to put myself out there and become part of the group. It was hard at first because I had not had a lot of communication with writing circles for the last few years. However, I continued to put myself out there and kept trying. It was a significant risk for me to take, but it was so worth it in the end. 

Over time I have gotten to know a lot of people and feel comfortable sharing my work again to get feedback on it. This was a huge stepping stone in the right direction for me. I opened up and let these people in. They have been there through some of the hardest writing days I have had so far. It is lovely to hear from them and get to know them.

I don’t get anything out of sharing this with you. I just want you to know there are communities out there that can meet your needs. There are places you can go and find the writing support that you have longed for. It may not be Story A Day or NaNoWriMo maybe it is a different community I have never heard of. 

My Top Three Reasons for Getting in a Writing Community are:

1. Writing communities give you a place to go when you have questions.

2. They are encouraging when you are having a hard time with your pages.  

3. It is more fun to do things as with a friend than it is to do them alone. Yes, I’m talking to you introverts. 

People who are interested in the same things can be critical to our future decisions and the road we choose in life. I am part of the Story A Day community again this year today is the last day to sign up if you are interested. I just finished Camp NaNoWriMo for April. I am taking the risk to get to know new people and to build new relationships with others.  I can’t wait to see what will happen.