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Monday's Mug

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Hello! Thank you for joining me this Monday Mug. This weekend went by in a flash, and I am a night writer, so here we are. I have some Irish Breakfast tea with honey and sugar in my mug tonight. I still fighting to be able to talk because of allergies. I am not sure why it has been so bad this year. I guess the allergies are trying to take me out. 

Would you like some tea too? I have made fresh pot. Honey? Milk?

So we are outside tonight, but that is because I just cannot resist the Spring weather. You have to bear with me as I sneeze and cough a little today. I am actually much better than last Monday, but I still have a lot to get done tonight. 

I would like to talk about going to a conference this weekend for single moms. It was amazing and so encouraging. It is definitely something I needed. There were two main speakers and three breaks out sessions. While I didn’t really get any ideas about writing while I was there, I did on the ride to and from the conference. 

If you ever end up in a car with me be prepared for the confessions. I tend to talk about everything in the car. I felt terrible for my companion that was driving, but I just could not shut up. We would talk about something, and it would always remind of a story. Then I would tell the story, and we would move on to the next subject. It made me miss the days of actual storytelling instead of stories being written all the time. 

Have you ever listened to a story teller?

There were so many pieces of my past that I do wish I could tell in stories, but I am not ready yet. I need more distance and time from the subject before I will commit it to paper. So many things have happened in my life, I am not sure I will ever really be able to write about. The scars are just too deep, and it still hurts too bad. 

Would you like so more tea? I am getting a second cup. 

I thought I would have so much time to work on writing this weekend, but that isn’t what happened at all, so I was a little upset by that. I am learning to forgive myself though and move on. I still don’t have the habit of writing every day, but yet I do write something every day. So maybe working on things that deal with my writing counts for writing too. 

Tonight I am keeping it short because I have a meeting with the Super Stars writing group and I am excited. I can’t see what writing sparks might come up from things they say.

I love all the little things in life that give us so much to write about.