Savvy Word Slinger



Savvy Word Slinger

This website is about just writing. There are no more things holding you back, not the critic voice or the voice of anyone else in your life. Write for you and don’t put off one more day, because you won’t be better until you start now. . .


Writing Groups

There are amazing things called writing groups. They vary in what happens in them. I have found online writing groups because there are not many where I live. There are a few people open and authentic that are worth you time. These are some places you can go to find other writers. Give yourself time it doesn’t happen over night. If you know of any others please feel free to share them with me.

Visual Prompts

There are many people, myself included, who say they are not creative. It is easy to play the comparison game when it comes to being creative. Many times it is said, I don't draw, paint, write, dance, play, or sing like them. If I am not as good as them I must not be creative. This is not true because we were all gifted with creativity as an expression of our own journey. 



Be a Word Slinger!

Throw all the rule books out and just get words on the page. If you need a space to write then make a space, but most of all just write. Please do yourself a favor and something. One word is better than writing nothing. Even if you just wrote one word a day you would have 365 words by the end of year with is better than zero. Give yourself a break and stop trying to be perfect or the best. Just breathe and write.