Savvy Word Slinger

Just Write


Just Write


Do it.

There is no special formula or pens that have to be used.

Scrivener, Word, Pages, or Notes will be abused.

The story will come to you in the rain, on a train, or at the game it doesn’t matter.

Type the words out one after another or hand write them so you don’t shatter.

Just get them out of your head and don’t leave anything unsaid.

Just Write.


Read Everything

When the writing isn’t coming my advice is to read whatever is to your liking.

Read big books and small ones.

Sometimes read something you don’t like to figure out how to not be that boring.

Read anything.

The End.


Have Fun

Writing is seriously work, but it can be fun too.

If you can’t think of anything to write maybe go to the zoo.

Imagine the animals all have their social lives like you.

Would they complain about the weather were you are?

Could they be jealous because everyone loved the polar bears?

Take a break and sing a song, paint a picture just don’t take long.

Your writing will miss you just as much as you miss it.

Your characters are waiting please don’t forget to visit.