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Monday's Mug

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Hello! Thank you for spending some time with me. It is Monday’s Mug time where we talk about what happened over the past week. So grab your mug and settle in with me for a little talk.

This morning I’m having coffee, and after going two weeks without it, I want it again. Would you like some coffee?  I thought so. I’m sitting outside with you and will grab you a blanket too. It is cold this morning when it becomes Spring I love being outside. It makes it a little harder to get my writing done. This last week I was going to plant but out temperatures dropped so low I decided to wait till next week. 

My writing has been slower this last week. I had a couple of pretty lousy day Tuesday and Wednesday when it came to writing. I ended up getting nothing accomplished. So I was behind on my deadlines for last week. I always think I will have time to make them up over the weekend, but I again wasn’t able to carve out much time. 

My favorite time to write on the weekends has been Saturday mornings. I have also been pulling away from the keyboard as well which is very unlike me. There is nothing wrong with my computer, and it is usually my preferred way to write. For some reason, though I am enjoying not having to look at a screen for a while. It makes me miss the days when I was a kid and technology didn’t exist as it does now. 

I did write a little bit, but I am having to forgive myself for not being as productive as I usually am. I think May is just a hard month for me to write.  I supposed it is because it is that transition month when school is getting out soon, and summer is coming so quickly. 

 I have continued to do Story A Day and enjoyed the encouragement on that site. I have also made some real friends over there, and there is nothing more satisfying as of late than to have people in my life I can talk about writing with. 

Well, it is too cold to stay out here, so I am going to cut this short today. I hope you have a productive week.