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Monday's Mug

Monday's Mug-2.png

It is time for some late night coffee again. Would you like decaf tonight or maybe a lovely herbal tea? The night is cool tonight let’s grab some blankets and sit on the porch swing. If we were having a mug, I would tell you this last week had a lot more ups than downs. 

I was excited to be on a call for Super Stars group within Story A Day. It was great to hear about how other writers were submitting and how they have dealt with rejection. They were talking about different places to submit as well. I have not submitted to be published in years now; however, the conversion was spurring me on to start submitting again. I keep saying I am not ready, and I just need more time. The truth is I’m making excuses. 

If we were having a mug of joe. I’d tell you I started a new book this week Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. IT IS AMAZING! Yes, I am yelling this at the top of my lungs. I sometimes feel like I have been locked in a cave without a key away from one of the best books about writing I have come across. As I was reading it in so many moments, I was thinking this is me, and that is me. I guess I should just highlight the whole book. I am glad my writing friends turn me toward this book. 

Would you like some more tea or coffee? I’m getting some tea; it always makes me sleepy at night. 

Another great event this week was getting to talk one on one with a writing friend. We were discussing the book and various things in our lives. I appreciated the time we spent getting to know each other better. I love one on one talks more so than groups; it makes me feel more relaxed to speak about my life. 

I am going to try writing in a notebook again and see how it goes. I like to doodle sometimes when I write, and when I write poetry, I want to see the various versions it goes through. My story sparks are overflowing, and I need to devote more time daily to writing. I can’t decide what technique of writing I would like to work on, but I think I am going just to let it flow for a while.  I hope you have a great week and I will see you next Monday.